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Lips are a defining feature of your face, so it’s important that they’re smooth, hydrated, well-balanced, symmetrical, defined, and have proportionate volume to the rest of the face.


  • Lip size and volume loss

  • Lip shape and lip projection

  • Lip proportions

  • Lip asymmetries

  • Lip and mouth wrinkles

  • Smoker’s lines

  • Lip border definition

  • Cupids Bow

  • Philtrum Ridges

  • Lip hydration

  • Turn down corners of the mouth (sad mouth)

  • Gummy smile

  • Structural mouth support


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Source: Courtesy of Allergan Aesthetics


As we age we develop wrinkles, fine lines in the mouth area, thin, uneven, poorly shaped lips, and volume in your lips start to diminish.​ We loose structural support to around the mouth, the lip shape alters when the teeth narrow or are missing, the gums shrink with gum disease or bone shrinkage that occurs with age generally.

Depressed corners in your mouth can make you look sad, unhappy, and older. The area can appear hollow, corners of your mouth turn down, increasing the marionette lines, shadows, and jowls. We often used a conjunction of treatments to improve the corners of the mouth to turn upwards, to a more neutral position. Improving support to the corners of the lips, will also prevent the corners of the lips to appear bigger or wider.

You will need a consultation to discuss any of these concerns as some treatments will require a assessment.

> Lip lines and defined lip border:

Often caused by smoking, repetitive puckering movements like pouting, drinking from a straw or a bottle, or just ageing. To reduce their appearance, try minimising this hyperactivity (repetitive movements) that makes the lines appear deeper.​


> Lip volume and shape:

As we age, the lips start to deflate in volume and lose their defined edges, turn inward and become thinner with noticeably less volume. The upper lip skin from the nose to the lip edge also lengthens, ageing this area. A natural looking, youthful mouth is desired by most people. Improving the volume loss can also reduce gum show in some cases. 

> Lip proportions and projection:

As we age the top lip is usually smaller than the bottom lip The correct proportion of natural looking lips should be a 1/3 to 2/3 ratio of top to bottom lip. The golden ration for lips is 1:1.618. according to many studies.  Often looking at the side profile is just as important as front profile. Balancing the ratio of nose to lips to chin to create harmony to balance the face with better side projection profile will often appear less aged.

> Philtrum columns:

The well-defined grove under the nose, two angled columns (ridges) above the lip. Often these columns disappear & create the appearance of the skin distance between the nose and top lip to appear longer with age.

> Cupids bow:

The youthful “cupids bow” that defines the centre, disappears with age.

Before and 2 weeks after:


Lip lines and wrinkles also developed naturally because of laughing, smiling, kissing, smoking, drinking from bottles or with a straw and ageing. 


Reducing the muscular activity temporarily to slow down the repetitive movements that cause mouth wrinkles and or a sad face. This prevent the wrinkles getting deeper than they would have normally.


> Lift the mouth corners:

 the muscles responsible for pulling the corners of the lips down and will lift to a more neutral position. Improving the aged, angry, and sad turned down mouth appearance.

> Gummy smile:

A few units of anti-wrinkle injections to the muscle next to the sides of nostrils, will drop the lip a few millimetres to reduce the gum that shows, when smiling. This is usually enough on its own. However, in severe cases adding volume to the lips with filler will improve less gum to show when smiling.

> Lip Flip:

Anti-wrinkle injections can also enhance the upper and/or lower lip by injections 1-2mm instead of using dermal filler or can also be used in conjunction with dermal filler for enhanced results. Some clients do this in between lip filler treatments when they can’t afford downtime.

Before & 2 Weeks After

Gummy Smile
Chin Dimples and Corners of Mouth


Please read our section on what to do for preparation of skin before/during/after care :here 

Dermal Fillers

Anti-Wrinkle Treatments

Beauty Booster/Skin Hydrator 

Profractional Laser/Fractional Laser 

Halo Laser 

MLP/Pearl Resurfacing Laser 


See one of our Board-Certified Plastic Surgeons in the individual rooms:

- Fat injections to lips

- Surgical lip flip

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