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for volume loss

  • Comprehensive consult times: 45 - 60 minutes: Risks and complications are involved.

  • Our Registered Nurses each have over 30 years experience with providing consultations with volume loss and reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

  • Our Sydney Cosmetic Nurses will work in conjunction and under the guidance of our Plastic Surgeons or Doctors. 


  • Some treatments may require a prescription of S4 medication and greater risks are involved and may not always be performed on the day.

NOTE: This site is under maintenance

Due to Therapeutic Goods Administration’s (TGA) & APHRA medical regulations, we are not allowed to promote or make any reference to S4 prescription services or refer to use the brand names, drug names, ingredients. We are not allowed to discuss prices or show photos, except in a consultation. 

Common areas for volume replacement?

> Fine line wrinkles and deeper facial creases and folds

Vertical cheek lines are often called “accordion lines”. Often caused with age and lifestyle related volume loss, with repeated contraction of your facial muscles. 

You may develop unwanted lines and folds around your chin due to an overactive chin muscle and volume loss.  

> Low or droopy looking eyebrows 

As the ageing process takes place we develop lower brows. Often shown by the lateral sides of your brow or near the inferior brow hairline lower or turning down (often they are asymmetrical), or temple hollowing will add to your sagging brows. 

> Tear troughs/under-eye hollows

This delicate area under the eyes may begin to show shadows or even semi-circular hollows early on depending on your age, sleeping position or genetics. 

> Forehead and temples

As we age contour changes of the forehead and temples start to show with weight loss, increased exercise and ageing.  

> Cheek and mid-face 

As we age the most cheeks will decrease the jowls and lines between the nose and the mouth (naso-labial folds), this is mainly due to bone, fat and muscle loss occuring.

> Corners of the mouth

 Your mouth usually ages as we loose structural support and volume loss and overactivity of the mouth muscles. It is also from smoking and or narrowing of the teeth or loss of teeth. The corners of your mouth, start to turn downwards and the marionette lines, shadows and jowls become more obvious.  

> Deep Smile Folds

Deep smile folds are also referred to as naso-labial folds. These are folds that run from either side of the nose, downward to the mouth.  Often, with age and volume loss, it creates a heaviness of the cheeks descending towards the mid-face or jowl area; indirectly increasing the depth of the folds. 

> Weak or undefined jawline

Longer lasting dermal fillers can be injected into your jawline. This strengthens its structures while adding more definition. This balances the lower facial features and eliminates the need for surgical implants. Muscle relaxant injections can also be used alone or in combination to tuck the jawline in and relax some of the upper neck muscles, this procedure is known as the Nefertiti Lift.

> Upper and lower lip lines

These lines are often caused by smoking, repetitive puckering movements, lack of teeth support or just ageing. Indirectly the lip lines deeper, often to the border of the lip edges definition is lost. This treatment  The hyperactivity of the many mouth muscles makes the lines appear deeper.

> Lip Enhancement: Definition and/or Fullness

As we age, our lips start to deflate in volume and lose their defined edges, turn inward and become thinner with noticeably less volume. 

> Thin or droopy earlobes

Ageing combined with the natural effect of gravity and volume loss can lead to earlobe thinning or droopiness. Also, wearing large or heavy earrings can also make your earlobes stretch, causing your piercing to stretch or even tear.  Surgical alternatives is also a option.

> Acne scars

Acne may often leave scars or small depressions on your face. It may also cause the skin texture to be uneven. The full correction is often difficult to achieve. Treatment is often used in conjunction with a multiple approach including resurfacing lasers for scarring.

Treatments cost?

TGA prohibits giving costs prior to any thorough consultation.​


The total cost of the treatment may vary from client to client. This is because we customise a treatment plan at consultation to check your individual suitability and the varying needs of every client. There are several factors that you need to consider when getting a cost of your treatment.  You should consider all treatment options and any cost involved for maintenance of your treatment options.​


During your initial consultation with Marilyn Cassetta or Ginelle Kelly at our Sydney Clinics, we will give you a detailed, honest breakdown of the total costs associated with your treatment. Costs are charged by what is required for you. Treatment is payable at the end of each treatment. Cosmetic procedures are not covered by medicare or health fund. There are no refunds on treatments performed. You have the right to refuse treatment treatment at any time. Treatments that do not go ahead will only be charged a consult fee. Treatments started will be charged as discussed. A thorough consult will be required or if you require a different treatment plan. 

 Before and After - Patient Results at 2 weeks

Before and after photos can only be viewed within your consultation, once we decide what treatment options are best for you. This is a new medical regulation from TGA and APHRA.

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