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for reducing the appearance of  wrinkles

  • Consultations for reducing the appearance of wrinkles will be in conjunction with a Registered Nurse & Plastic Surgeon/Doctor for 30-60 min.  

  • A thorough consult is required for suitability, options, procedure, risks, side-effects, aftercare, benefits and costs.

  • Some treatments may require a prescription of S4 medication and greater risks are involved and may not treatment may not always be performed on the day.

NOTE: This site is under maintenance.

Due to Therapeutic Goods Administration’s (TGA) & APHRA medical regulations, we are not allowed to make any reference or promote S4 prescription drugs and refer to use the brand names, drug names, & ingredients We are not allowed to discuss prices or show photos, except during consultation. 

Some areas of concerns that can be consulted for consideration?

  • Forehead and frown lines

  • Brow lifting/shaping

  • Crow’s feet 

  • Nasal/bunny lines

  • Gummy Smile

  • Chin dimpling

  • Depressed corners of the mouth

  • Lip Flip or Wrinkles above the lip 

  • Definition of jawline & pull up sagging neck skin with a ‘Nefertiti Lift’

  • Vertical neck bands

  • Facial jawline slimming

  • Pore-reduction, decrease oil production

  • Droopy nasal tip

  • Nasal flare reduction

 Treatments cost?

TGA prohibits giving costs prior to any thorough consultation.

The total cost of the treatment may vary from client to client. This is because we customise a treatment plan at consultation to check your individual suitability and the varying needs of every client. There are several factors that you need to consider when getting a cost of your treatment.  You should consider all treatment options and any cost involved for maintenance of your treatment options.

During your initial consultation with Marilyn Cassetta or Ginelle Kelly at our Sydney Clinics, we will give you a detailed, honest breakdown of the total costs associated with your treatment. Costs are charged by what is required for you. Treatment is payable at the end of each treatment. Cosmetic procedures are not covered by medicare or health fund. There are no refunds on treatments performed. You have the right to refuse treatment treatment at any time. Treatments that do not go ahead will only be charged a consult fee. Treatments started will be charged as discussed. A thorough consult will be required or if you require a different treatment plan. 

 Before and After - Photos


Before and after photos can only be viewed within your consultation, once we decide what treatment options are best suited for you. This is a new medical regulation from TGA and APHRA.

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