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Consultations for Skin Hydration


NOTE:  This site is under maintenace

Due to Therapeutic Goods Administration’s (TGA) & APHRA medical regulations, we are not allowed to make any reference,  refer to use the brand names, drug names, and ingredients to promote scheduled S4 prescription drugs. If you are interested please call one of the clinics for a thorough consultation.


We offer consultations for skin hydration at our Sydney Clinics, Dehydrated skin occurs when the surface barrier of the skin becomes damaged, losing moisture. Their are many treatments to improve the surface of the skin, which in turn will increase hydration of the skin or allow products to penetrate. These treatments are not for structural support but just into the top layers of the skin.

Why do we loose skin hydration?

  • Hormonal changes or diseases like Hypothyroidism

  • Not enough water

  • Smoking

  • Sun, wind & extreme cold 

  • Hot showers

What are some treatment options?

  • Skincare with Retinol/Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin B (Nicinamide), Peptides

  • Skin Peels

  • Epiblade & Skin peel

  • Skin pen

  • Micro-needling

  • Laser

  • Some treatments are prescription only and can only be discussed at consultation

What are the benefits of skin hydration?

  • Improves skin glow 

  • Decreases dull, dry & scaly skin

  • Help skin texture and reduces appearance fines lines 

  • Boosts the elasticity, tone, and thickness of the skin

  • Creates firmer, tighter skin

  • Improves appearance of thin skin

What can we treat?

  • The whole face, décolletage, neck and/or hands

  • Target specific areas: under the eyes up to the lashes, upper lip lines and smile lines

  • Some treatments are not for pregnant, breast feeding, or IVF patients or if you had Roaccutane in last 2 years

What is the cost?

  • TGA prohibits giving costs prior to any thorough consultation.​The total cost of the treatment may vary from client to client. This is because we customise a treatment plan at consultation to check your individual suitability and the varying needs of every client. There are several factors that you need to consider when getting a cost of your treatment.  You should consider all treatment options and any cost involved for maintenance of your treatment options.​

  • During your initial consultation with Marilyn Cassetta or Ginelle Kelly at our Sydney Clinics, we will give you a detailed, honest breakdown of the total costs associated with your treatment.

  • Costs are charged by what is required for you. Treatment is payable at the end of each treatment. Cosmetic procedures are not covered by medicare or health fund.

  • There are no refunds on treatments performed. You have the right to refuse treatment treatment at any time. Treatments that do not go ahead will only be charged a consult fee. Treatments started will be charged as discussed. A thorough consult will be required or if you require a different treatment plan. 

Before and After Results 

  • Before and after photos can be viewed during consultation, after suitability and treatment choices are decided.

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