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There are 3 categories to the aging hands: the accumulation of pigmentation / sun damage, the loss of volume and aging of the skin, itself.

Hands often show someone’s age, particularly when they do not match the rest of your face or body. Rejuvenation of the hands may be accomplished with one modality or through a multi-layered approach...


As we age, you will notice more age spots, freckles, solar lentigos and background actinic damage. The fairer skin toned you are, the more sun damage on your hands, usually.




Using Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) or Broad Band Light (BBL) improves both the texture and the colour of the tops of the hand. Just one treatment will result in a marked reduction of stubborn or deeply pigmented hands. Additional treatments may be performed at monthly intervals for enhanced results. This laser treatment of the hands often takes more recovery time than the face, allowing the brown pigment to flake away, usually over a 2–3 week period. No time off work is required.



Loss of subcutaneous tissue in the hands, is very aging. The hands also appear bony, with vessels and ligaments appearing more prominent.

Treatments: Due to some treatments may require S4 medications TGA & APHRA regulations prohibit discussing treatments, prices or photos except at consultation after full assessment.


The hand skin ages by thinning and loosing just like the rest of our body. Often the texture appears less smooth, wrinkles and fine lines are more visible.


Profractional or Fractional Laser can also improve the hand skin alone or together for enhanced collagen stimulating results.


A consultation for volume loss of skin hydration will need necessary to discuss treatment options, suitability, contra-indications. risks, side effects, benefits, recovery, aftercare, maintenance and costs. TGA & APHRA regulations prohibit S4 medications being promoting unless you are suitable.


hand Rejuvenation
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