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As you age, you lose fat, bone and muscle creating a volume lose in the cheeks and surrounding area. The under eye looses support, skin laxity tends to make the lower face heavier, Cheek bones become less defined and wrinkles maybe more obvious.

What  about cheeks ?

Our skilled Sydney Registered/Aesthetic Nursing team can replace volume loss, increase structural support and soft tissue volume lost through ageing or genetics. We can also smooth out cheek folds, wrinkles, and fine lines.  While some men and women were born with great cheeks, others were born with underdeveloped. Often athletic people find it difficult keep weight on and can look skeletal like in the cheek. 

Some cheek concerns ?

Size of Cheeks: Flat or underdeveloped cheeks can be ageing as we loose bone, fat, muscle with age. This is a individual choice, but it should always be in proportion to the rest of the face.

Shape of Cheeks: We will assess and discuss your anatomy and how the shape can be improved. You may need more volume in the front, side, the high point or to create the apple of the cheeks (highlight) or as we say the money shot. 

Skin texture of cheeks: The skin wrinkling from smiling or ageing, can be more obvious when the skin wrinkles at the sides of the eyes (crows feet) often running into the upper cheeks and or lower cheeks (accordin lines). The skin texture is often exacerbated from the sun, smoking and usually worst from the sun exposure on the driving side.

Lower cheek lines: Smile lines of the lower cheeks (often called the accordin lines) are usually from repetitive smiling or pushing into your pilow or leaning on your hands when sleeping. 

Ageing Cheeks: The loss of structural support and volume loss and and or fine lines. 

Asymmetry of Cheeks: This is very common as we do not loose fat, bone muscle at the same time evenly. We are often born asymmetrical and sleeping or favouriting one side will add to this unevenness. We also need to take into consideration if you have had a stoke, grind or clench your teeth as this will add bulk often more on one side. It is important to create more harmonised balance.

Treatment options:

Non-Surgical Options: Our skilled Sydney Aesthetic Nurses offer 30 years plus experience. We can offer consultations in volume loss and reducing the appearance of fine lines and improved skin texture and skin tightening with laser or a combination of modalities. Some treatments may require S4 medications and therefore due to TGA & APHRA regulations we can only discuss suitability, procedures, treatment options, risks, side effects, costs, recovery, maintenance and show before & after photos during a consultation.

Surgical Options: Cheek implants are a permanent surgical option to increase a flat cheek or add definition to cheek projection.  A mid facelift or full facelift can enhance the cheeks by removing sagging excess skin laxity and allow the cheeks to show definition. 

However, there is more downtime and risks with surgery. All performed by one of our Board-Certified Plastic Surgeons. Refer to each individual clinic for more information.

Treatments results: Client results at 2 weeks

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