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Jawline contouring has become an increasingly popular area of concern for both men and women. Whether it be angular, slim, feminine (oval) or a masculine (square) jawline. There are several reasons as to why - whether it's part of the natural ageing process, our skin loses structural bony support, fat, and muscle loss. You may want to enhance the jawline to achieve a more balanced profile, define a weaker jawline or simply correct asymmetries. If your goal is to remove/reduce excess fat stored under the chin, It may need to be targeted to create the clear distinction between the jawline and the neck. 


Jawline Ageing:

Hyper-active muscle can make the face appear wider and is often caused by excessive grinding and clenching of the teeth or excessive chewing such as gum. This can turn a slim face over-time to appear heavier, athletic, or masculine jawline


Repetitive muscle use can make the chin pull upwards, or the corners of the mouth pull downwards into the jaw and neck, thus making the jowls worse, with an undefined jawline. The platysmal, or vertical bands of the neck and along the edge of the jawline pull the jowls down further. 

The jawline skin gets looser, sags as we lose volume, muscle and fat, hollow area develop and/or asymmetries become more obvious.

Fat under the chin develops with age and no amount of diet or exercise will remove certain types of fat.


Often a combination of treatments can be used for enhanced results. 

Surgical Options:

Liposuction to the fat under the chin/neck has less down time and recovery than other methods, because you only need to do it once. However, it involves a week of downtime and normal risks associated with surgery. If there is too much loose skin, then you are more suitable to a neck lift or lower face lift. If you have a weak jawline and chin, another surgical option could be a chin implant. Often, a combination of procedures may be needed to achieve the desired result. A thorough consultation with one of our Board-Certified Plastic Surgeons will help guide you. For more details look at each individual clinic.Surgery however does carry greater risks.

Non-Surgical Options:

Non-Surgical Option:  A thorough consultation is required to be assessed for suitable treatment options.We will discuss procedures, contra-indications, risks, side effects, benefits, recovery, aftercare, costs and maintenance, Some S4 medications maybe required to improve your ears. Due to TGA & APHRA this can now only be discussed at consultation.

Surgical Option:  


Lower Face-Lift

Liposuction to the chin/neck

Chin implant 

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