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for reducing
redness and spider veins 


Spider veins are small capillaries, that often look like tree branches. Damaged superficial veins that can appear on the surface of the legs or face. Often located around the nasal base, across the cheeks, in front of the ears or anywhere on the legs..They are usually not painful or harmful, but some people may wish to treat them for cosmetic reasons. 


What causes broken capillaries?

  • Heredity & as you get older the risk increases

  • Hormone Replacement Therapy

  • Obesity

  • Pregnancy

  • Smoking

  • Trauma

  • Liver disease and blood clots, that strain or weaken the vein walls

  • Jobs that require standing or sitting for long periods, increase pressure on leg veins

Treatment options

  • A thorough consult is required for suitability, contra-indications, treatment options, risks, full side effects, recovery, costs and maintenance.

  • They are either lasered or a very fine needle is inserted by barely tapping the skin, flushing a sclerosing solution of saline or another type that will be discussed at consultation through the dilated vessel that starts breaking down, shrinking and then, eventually, closing these unsightly, non-functioning, fine-vessels. 

  • The process may take 15-30 min on face  and 30-60 min, to complete both front and back legs in 1 session.

  • Most patients require 2-3 treatments, scheduled at least 1 month apart.

  • Pressure stockings are not required for spider vein treatments to the legs.

  • If the smallest needle is still too big to place into a vessel, then an IPL or BBL, or other laser treatment would be the better option.

  • Treatment options range from sclerotherapy with Saline or S4 medication  but other treatments may assist stubborn vessels or be more appropriate: Laser Nd Yag, IPL/BBL, or Laser Genesis

  • For those larger, darkish-blue, knobbly, twisted veins or varicose veins of the legs, you will be referred to an appropriate doctor who specialises specifically in larger vein treatment.

What to expect after?

  • Your treated areas will appear “worse, before they appear better”.

  • Red and raised welts, but almost painless, will subside overnight to a few days.

  • At the 4th week, the inner linings of the vessels are breaking down and the process is repeated, until the vessels are gone (usually 2-3 treatments, 1 month apart).

  • A complete aftercare and recovery will be discussed at your consultation.

 Before & Afters - Results at 4 months, 3 treatments usually 

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