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Over time your ear lobes thin, wrinkle and deflate, losing collagen and elastin, especially when wearing heavy earrings which over time weigh down the ears and cause the lobes to stretch and sag. Earlobes loose elasticity and volume just like our face and breasts.


Ear concerns:

  • Wrinkles in the ear lobe:  Wrinkles form as volume is lost during the ageing process and from pressure from earings. 

  • Shape of the ear lobe: Also changes when it looses support around the earing hole, often drooping. 

  • Ear skin: Dry or scaly skin patches or broken capillaries.

  • Asymmetry of the ears:  Ear lobes or the ear it self maybe different size or stick out. We can also improve the ears following ear surgery - Otoplasty (ears stick out). If they still require a tweak to shape  to the earlobes.

Treatment Solutions:

Non-Surgical Option:  A thorough consultation is required to be assessed for suitable treatment options.We will discuss procedures, contra-indications, risks, side effects, benefits, recovery, aftercare, costs and maintenance, Some S4 medications maybe required to improve your ears. Due to TGA & APHRA this can now only be discussed at consultation.

Surgical Option: Otoplasty (Ear pinning back & earlobe reduction/shaping) or the torn earring holes may need surgical stitch repair with our Plastic Surgeons. This often will not improve wrinkles or lost volume that dermal fillers can achieve.

Prices / Before & After photos :

Due to TGA and APHRA regulations it prohibits promoting prices or photos in Australia for any S4 treatments

and can only be shown at consultation if you have been assessed as suitable.

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