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This is a medical condition which involves abnormally high levels of sweating that goes beyond what is necessary for the body's temperature regulation.


An inherited condition of excess sweating due to hyperactive sweat glands. It most commonly affects the armpits, palms of the hands and/or feet, face (forehead, nose & upper lip) and scalp of its sufferers. This condition may also significantly affect the psychological and social wellbeing of those distressed by it, causing physical discomfort, staining of clothes, unable to wear certain fabrics, significantly impacting daily activities, social embarrassment and low self-esteem.

                              Signs of Excessive Sweating

 Treatment solutions

Discomfort associated with this condition can be alleviated through our tailored treatment plan. A thorough consultation to check suitability of treatment options, contra-indications, risks, side-effects, benefits & disadvantages of treatment options, recovery, aftercare, maintenance and costs. This could range from Laser, to S4 medication or a surgical option.

Due to TGA & APHRA regulations, we cannot discuss treatments, costs, or show photos until consultation. This is to protect clients and prevent choosing treatments that may not be appropriate from a menu list without knowing all the information.

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