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  • A numbing cream and laughing gas will be offered to minimise any discomfort

  • Skin feels tight, dry and usually swollen for a few days

  • Tiny pin holes in the first few days can create a small amount of oozing

  • An ointment such as paw paw ointment is applied for few days

  • Redness is very apparent in the first 3-5 days, and decreases to a slight pink by the end of the week

  • Fine flaking and itching for a few days

  • Most people must take 3-5 days off work or from social activities

  • Make- up can be worn, usually by Day 5.

  • Mandatory to avoid sun exposure, solariums and self-tan for 2 weeks prior and for 1 month after, sunscreen must be worn daily, after 5th day

  • Fractional laser can be used on the face, neck, chest and anywhere else on the body, including hands

In most cases a  combination of Lasers can be individualised for enhanced results.

Fractional, non-ablative (does not remove the surface) laser is a method used to treat fine acne scarring, fine lines, sun damage and hyperpigmentation. Poor texture, dull skin and refinement of pore size are also treated with this proven cosmetic treatment. Fractional Laser treatment utilises a pixilated beam of controlled light energy to cause microscopic damage to skin cells in the deep dermis, enough to create wound healing that results in stimulating new collagen with healthy cell development. Several treatments may be needed to achieve desired results, usually 4-6 weeks apart.


The reason this treatment is so popular is that the energy points (pixels) are so small [one tenth of the width of a pore] and there are hundreds of thousands of these energy points directed into the skin, which responds by forming firmer new cells.

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