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The purpose of a chemical peel is to create a controlled shedding of the top layers of the epithelium (light peel) or through to superficial layers of the dermis (medium peel), removing damaged cells, while inducing new, fresher looking skin. Peeling may be used to treat mild or active acne, congested skin that needs unblocking, or dull looking, sun damaged or pigmented skin, or anyone who wants to improve the quality of their skin.

Light Peels
  • Glycolic, Lactic, Salicylic Acid, Pomigranite or a combination of acids will be used

  • No downtime, just a bit of exfoliation over a few days

  • Usually offered in a series of treatments, every 2-4 weeks

  • Usually a youthful glow replaces dull tired-looking skin

  • A calming moisturiser and sunblock is to be applied daily

Medium Peels
  • Trichlorocetic Acid 20-35% or Jessner’s Peel

  • 3-7 days of downtime, depending on percent or solution used; shedding is visible

  • One peel offers notable results, but may be repeated, if needed, after one month

  • Blotches and splotches of brown and red are significantly diminished

  • Excellent option when a laser treatment is deemed inappropriate

  • A calming moisturiser is to be applied daily, after healing, daily sunblock and minimal direct sun for at least a month.

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